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3 min readDec 28, 2023

redux library — can be used to manage data in our application
usage — involves large database handling
- complexities
- high learning curve

redux is big object
redux toolkit (rtk) is a new and standard to use redux
redux store slices with logical seperation
slices can be — cart, user, authentication
redux jargons — store, slice, action, dispatch, selector, reducer
To alter/update the store we have to dispatch an action.
The action call the js function and modify our cart
We cannot directly modify the cart. (it will be complex)
The function is known as reducer.

Click on the component dispatches an action which call the reducer function which updates the slice of the store.

How to read from redux
selector — selecting the slice out of store
selector to read data and update the component.
selector is the hook and hook is the function
- useSelector
selector — subscribing to the store — syncing the data with data layer.

npm i @reduxjs/toolkit (core of redux)
npm i react- redux (bridge between react and redux)

Set up Flow:

Create Store
— configureStore() — RTK

Provide my store to app
— <Provide store = {store}> — import from react-redux

— RTK — createSlice({
name: “”,
reducers: {
addItem: (state, action) => { state = action.payload }
export const {addItem, removeItem} = cartSlice.actions;
export default cartSlice.reducer;

Put that slice into store
— {
reducer: {
cart: cartSlice,
name_of_the_slice: slice


storejs file inside util
The store is different and our app is different. We need to tell it. We need a provider.

import — configureStore — toolkit
const store = configureStore({
reducer: {
cart: cartSlice,

export const store;

To provide the store to our application
use Provider from the react redux lib

Create slice

import — createSlice — redux toolkit
const cartSlice = createSlice({
name: ‘cart’,
// initialization states and its value
initialState: {
items: []
// modifier
reducers: {
// state argument — previous state
// action — it will come from dispatcher which comes from the component
// reducers do not return anything
// it take a state and modify it directly
addItem: (state, action) => {
removeItem: (state, action) => {
clearCart: (state) => {
state.item = [];

export const { addItem, removeItem, clearCart } = cartSlice.actions; // need to export actions

export default cartSlice.reducer; //(it’s not reducers (as written in the createSlice) — combines all the reducer)

How to subscribe to the store?
// name of the slice will be used as item
const cartItems = useSelector(store => store.cart.items);

How to update the slice in the store?
const dispatch = useDispatch(); // import it from react-redux
const handleAddItem = () => {
// we dispatch a action and in the action we pass the payload
provider, dispatcher, selector — coming from react redux
configureStore, createSlice — coming from RTK

Subscribe to the specific slice is much optimized than subscribing to the entire store
As the selector only view the changes happening in the slice if we subscribe to only specific slice and its state

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